there are only like three different alcohol retailers in all of ontario and alcohol is taxed something like 35% here in all likelihood we are probably drinking the same wine

basically all being in your twenties means is that you get more okay with cheap wine that fits your nonexistent budget and more willing to just sit on the floor and eat dinner because you don’t have a table

perhaps I should just get a cactus before a hedgehog I mean I can afford a cactus and they’re just as little and spiky and even easier to take care of

legitimately considering getting a hedgehog

  • very very cute
  • hedgehog kibble exists which means feeding is less stressful than feeding them bugs because bugs terrify me
  • awake when I am (night)
  • quiet and kinda lazy
  • can live in my bedroom and keep me company (I would let my dog sleep in my room but she’s a little bit neurotic and demands to be fed breakfast at 6 am)